Both local PRP and corticosteroid injections found effective for chronic plantar fasciitis

Category: Healthcare News

Patients with chronic plantar fasciitis can be effectively treated with local injection of platelet-rich plasma or corticosteroid, according to results. Source : Healio Read More

Patients showed improved pain, functional outcome after total ankle replacement

Category: Healthcare News

Since its launch in 2014, a low-profile fixed-bearing prosthesis that is implanted under fluoroscopic guidance has produced positive outcome data. According to results of a […]

Ilizarov treatment provided satisfactory foot, ankle function in children

Category: Healthcare News

Through successful Ilizarov treatment, children with atrophic-type congenital pseudarthrosis of the tibia can obtain satisfactory foot and ankle function at maturity, according to results. Source […]

All-inside arthroscopic ankle stabilization allowed all patients studied to return to sport

Category: Healthcare News

An arthroscopic procedure to treat ankles that were unstable following repetitive sprains was associated with consistent return to sport and few complications among patients at […]

Highly specialized high school athletes more likely to have certain injuries, study says

Category: Healthcare News

Titled “Prevalence of Sport Specialization in High School Athletics,” this one-year observational study found that high school athletes from a smaller school were less likely […]

Variations in prescribing narcotics for pain seen among foot and ankle specialists

Category: Healthcare News

Results of a survey of 64 orthopedic surgeons presented here showed significant variability in how narcotics are prescribed for patients with foot and ankle pain. […]

Supervised physical therapy not linked with improved outcomes after ankle fracture

Category: Healthcare News

Patients who underwent supervised physical therapy following surgical treatment of ankle fracture showed no differences in outcome scores compared with patients who had surgeon-directed rehabilitation, […]

Low Star Excursion Balance Test scores linked with risk of ankle sprains in football players

Category: Healthcare News

Recently published results that evaluated high school and collegiate football players during the preseason highlighted lower Star Excursion Balance Test scores for anterior reach as […]

Should tackling be banned from youth football?

Category: Healthcare News

Tackling should be eliminated from youth football due to the risks that collisions and head injuries pose to young athletes, a researcher argues in the […]

Lifelong physical activity increases bone density in men

Category: Healthcare News

Men have many reasons to add high-impact and resistance training to their exercise regimens; these reasons include building muscle and shedding fat. Now a University […]


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